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June 26, 2013

[Celebrating 50,000 LIKES!]
Want to help us celebrate MobCrete’s 50,000 LIKES?
Share and like this posting!
Leave your Mob+ ID to be in the chance to win free Garu, Candy or Gem!

▶ Prize: 500 Garu, Candy or Gem to 50 winners
▶ Event dates: June 26th – July 2nd
▶ Winners announced: July 3rd

Thank you to all who have supported Pucca’s Restaurant, FairyWoods Patisserie and I AM FASHION!

[50,000 Like 돌파 기념!]
MobCrete 페이스북 좋아요 5만 돌파를 축하한다면?
공유하기&좋아요를 눌러주세요♥
Mob+ID or 앱센터ID를 남겨주시면
추첨을 통해 게임머니를 한가득 드릴께요:)

▶ 기간 : 06.26~07.02 ▶발표 : 07.03
▶ 혜택 : 50명 / 500가루or캔디or젬

그리고 뿌까레스토랑 for kakao까지!
많은 사랑 보내주시는 모든 분께 감사드립니다^▽^



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